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Many thanks for considering our Los Angeles attorneys for your divorce and family law needs. As you start the divorce or family law procedure, deciding on a the best attorney for your case is the foremost decision you will make. Our divorce attorneys are accredited as California family law specialists hrough the Board of Legal Field of expertise of the State Bar of California. Our attorneys have accomplished this recognition by years of study, peer referrals, peer examinations, and experience with hundreds of cases as a practitioner of family law and divorce in California. Los Angeles legal peers, clients,  and family law associates recognize our attorneys as being among the best in the field.

The backgrounds of our divorce lawyers are well-suited for  clients with particular divorce and taxes related issues which  entail intricate financial concerns. Our principal divorce lawyer started his legal career by gaining both a Master of Business Supervision degree and accreditation as a public accountant (currently inactive.) With this background, he worked extensively with numerous international accounting practices and small business management firms. His assignments included company-wide financial analyses in addition to supporting C-level business owners in their dealings. He also assisted businessmen with their endeavors and helped to framework their business management agreements.

His experience also includes successfully defending against major family law firms in Los Angeles when opposing parties did not wish to accept a fair and ethical agreement. Along with 18 years of California family law experience, he can help you get the ideal results for your family law or divorce case in the courtroom.

California Divorce Attorney can assist you with:

• Child Custody & Visitation
• Dissolution (Divorce)
• Child Support
Spousal Support
• Property Division
• Tax Law Representation
• Domestic Violence & Constraint Orders
• Judgment Modifications
• and more

Among the top divorce issues lawyer in Los Angeles, he successfully represents a large base of family law purchasers from all walks of life including business owners, construction workers, firefighters, musicians, Los Angeles city employees, food business workers, medical professionals, and professional athletes just to name a few.

He prides himself on consistently providing a personal brand of effective and thoughtful representation. The goal for his California clients is always to enable them make a prosperous passage into the next phase in their lives.

Ways of Divorce & Family Law Considerations Determine why he is one the ideal divorce & family law attorneys in Los Angeles. He assures your family and hard generated personal passions are protected, and will exercise all California Family Law rights afforded to you. Get the solutions to your queries such as:

• How are the assets and debts divided up?
• Who is responsible for paying child and spousal support?
• What takes place if my spouse conceals the money?

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